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June 21, 2012


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Ed Johnson

Dear Mr. Nidetz;
I'm sorry I didn't know about you when I was visiting relatives in the Minneapolis area a few weeks ago.
I ran across an interview with you this morning while I was surfing Google looking for articles about a close friend of mine, the late John Snowden. My wife at the time was a student of his in the 60's when Dumas Pere was on the North side prior to John's move to Glenview. He loved the city but more and more his clientele came from the well to do suburbs.
We became very good friends until I moved to California in the mid 70's. He passed on but his son and daughter (I think ) continued the menu service for some time. I have tried to find a copy of that booklet but can't find one.
You are made of tough stuff and are the very best if you survived Dumas Pere. I used to go from time to time and saw more than one wealthy matron reduced to a flood of tears if John didn't think she were serious enough about the course.
Rye Delicatessen sounds like a great place and we will visit it on our next trip to Minneapolis.
Ed Johnson

small goods suppliers

Nothing like slices of bacon, some eggs, and bread to start your day. Just great, now you got me craving for bacon.

Allyson Tarnowski

U crack me up!

I had lunch with Merce yesterday, we were talking about you...

Allyson Tarnowski

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